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Exhibition news

Innovative Technologies of Uniview LED Create New World of Display at Infocomm2024

Infocomm 2024, the U.S. audiovisual technology and systems integration show, was grandly opened on 12 June in Las Vegas, and Uniview LED brought new products as well as a number of classic products to debut in W2925, the wonderful displays to bring you a glimpse, and together to explore the popularity of audiovisual technology trends.



Hanging above the booth is the AM transparent display screen with a high transparency rate of 90%, which has advantages of light and thin, waterproof and dustproof, low energy consumption and high adaptability. The cabinet supports corner-cutting design, which can be quickly spliced into the right-angled screen according to requirements, and it is the ideal solution for the indoor and outdoor comprehensive application scenarios.

画板 1.png



Uniview LED launched the fine-pitch UHD series, ultra high definition resolution, unparalleled contrast ratio, an extraordinary visual experience of near perfection. The application of cold screen technology has significant advantages in energy saving and consumption reduction, providing customers with high quality LED display energy saving solutions.


Another fine-pitch product, the GHC series with MIP0.9 technology, also attracted a lot of eyeballs and became one of the focal points of the booth.
GHC cabinet adopts ultra-thin design, with thickness as thin as 34mm, perfectly for seamless in wall-mounted. GHC0.9 has high refresh rate and high grey scale, which can easily achieve 2K, 4K and 8K resolution display configurations, and at the same time adopts a highly efficient heat dissipation system, which is both energy-saving and environmental protection as well as economic benefits.



Newly developed by Uniview LED, GX Pro series is designed to build the most suitable screen size for your indoor fixed installation project. It’s available with various cabinet sizes, including 500x1,000x42mm, 500x750x42mm, 500x500x42mm, 500x250x42mm, 250x500x42mm, 250x1,000x42mm,  250x750x42mm, 1,000x250x42mm, 750x250x42mm. To ensure the ultimate visual experiences, the PCB of GX Pro series was cut to realize the truly seamless corner connection.


another newly UR Pro Series is especially designed for high-end indoor and outdoor rental applications. Equipped with black face LEDs, UR Pro boasts 4,000-5,000 nits brightness and unrivalled contrast ratio to display the best image quality. Featured with Uni-BnB technology, UR Pro carries higher brightness at lower heat dissipation and assures the reliability for use in a real outdoor environment. It’s the perfect choice for music festivals, sports events, brand events, etc.


I series interactive floor display, which was always Uniview’s most popular product at trade shows. You could interact with the screen via its cutting-edge interaction technology. Through capacitive sensing, the touch in different areas could be detected independently, so as to realize the multi-touch technology and the real-time interaction.



IW series has strong advantage in convenient installation, each cabinet is equipped with hanging bracket and positioning pins, to achieve 1-second quick alignment and convenient installation, vertical splicing installation is highly favoured on the scene, attracting many guests to negotiate and exchange.


MT series is uncompromisingly designed for fine pitch rental applications in every respect. PWM high refresh rate driving IC and SMD1212 ensures exceptional visual experiences, fulfilling the most demanding customers on picture quality and color uniformity.


Uniview LED will keep going forward and offer superior products and services to clients around the world. See you at next Infocomm show.